Category: Portals


We needed a simple mechanism to track our team’s time against projects and customers. We tried several solutions available in the marketplace, but nothing quite fit us. So we rolled our own, so to speak.

We created a portal that helps us track our time efficiently and facilitate project management and reporting. The solution also integrates with Quickbooks Online to seamlessly integrate time entry and accounting, all done in the cloud.


Entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Cochran came to us with an idea for a platform in the cloud that could help match volunteers to organizers for local events.

Together we designed and developed DSM Today, an easy-to-use online directory service designed to help Greater Des Moines nonprofit organizations, community groups, and affinity groups of all sizes connect with people who want to “Do Something Meaningful” (DSM) for their community.

DSM Today helps organizations recruit volunteers more effectively, gain better visibility, and build stronger support from the community through customized cause web pages.


Cloud Portal + Integrated CRM Solution = Complex Targeted Geo-Campaigns

Katon needed a way to help their customers build targeted marketing campaigns based on geography.  To meet this need, we built the Katon OnDemand portal.  This portal allows customers to log in to a secure website, and create marketing campaigns based on proximity.  The campaigns integrate with automated voice broadcasting, a variable printing system, and email marketing.